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10th-Jul-2010 10:49 am - Brand Loyalty Going a Bit Far?
This article got me thinking just how far brand loyalty gets when it comes to photography.  To play devil's advocate, I've shot with 4 different systems as I was learning photography (and still am learning).  Canon, Nikon, Minolta and for a short while Pentax.  Seriously though, it's not like Sony used their own in house advertising folks.  It's entirely possible that the advertising agency they worked through to produce this simply shot with Canon.  I'd agree it would be a bigger flub if say a Nikon spot or a Canon spot was shot with their biggest rivals gear but Sony likely just farmed this out to someone who doesn't happen to shoot w/a Sony Alpha.  So what... 

Let's not get hung up on the gear that's used as the guy behind the glass shall we?
OK so here's a quandry I find myself in.  I actually enjoy the Android OS used by Google and marketed to a bevy of handset manufacturers.  However since each of the carriers is looking to one-up eachother, you literally have the case that Android handsets are competing often times less against the iPhone, the undisputed glamazon of the smartphone world, but against OTHER Android phones.  While I'm all for competition, the somewhat cluster-fu*ky experience that is Android is both a blessing and a curse.  HTC and their Sense UI clearly shows what the OS can do with multi-touch.  A strong showing by Verizon/HTC's Droid and Droid Incredible (ok even I feel the name is presumptuous) shows that you don't necessarily need the "Google" experience to have a good Android phone.  Then there's my carrier Tmobile who was quick to jump on the bandwagon and seemingly never moved... *fist shake*  So here we are, with a plethora of phones and no solid experience that reminds users that yes, this is all "Android OS"  Here's hoping that the development doesn't fork too badly.


Talking about Natasha Bedingfield

Vraxx:  If you're Gonna jump? i think that's the track we both have in common
Zarli: if you're gonna hump, then jump far, flylike a skydiver.
Addison: HAHAHA
Zarli: if you're dgonna drive, you better drive a race car
Zarli:  oops
Zarli:  laf

^_- uh huh zarli...
15th-May-2009 06:53 am - Car Wax Epic Fail (Sorta)
So it's been pretty messy for my car, few more paint chips here and there, etc.  I decided to give it a nice quick waxing before my work call out to Laie a few days ago.  Well alls done, I drive home and get some quick fast food take out for lunch.  I put my things on the ground retrieve something from my trunk.  Well, there's waxing and then there's good waxing... Unfortunately I had good waxing... As i'm pilling my things together I put my iced tea on the trunk.  The trunk is so slick that the entire drink slides RIGHT off and splat onto the ground near me.... Sigh.  Sometimes good wax is not a good thing.
In response to a friends Facebook comment about having to work on servers through x-mas.

Vraxx: And the cat-5 was hung by the punch block with care, with hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there. And I in my jacket, the AC set high, pondered I'm at work now... oh god, why oh why...
10th-Nov-2008 11:49 am - Thug Life... nope
Vraxxism for the Day:  It's hard to be Thug-Life in a powder blue Yaris Coupe...

However Prius... now that's good for sneaking up on m**$#%f%*$5rs

To be fair... least the Yaris is good on gas :)

3rd-Nov-2008 01:19 pm - A chastity BELT?!!!

Since I intend to beat Zarli to posting this.  There are certain things you just go "Things were better in the olden days"
This is one such time.

25th-Oct-2008 08:38 pm - Signs you're Asian American
This is a tad embarrassing but, I realized my asian-americaness (is that even a word?) while walking through the mall.  I saw some colored drawings done by kids.  There were several with Triangular shapes and they were all multicolored.  First thing I thought, "Oh hey multicolored Rice Balls".  Ten minutes later when I get to my car I make the connection "Those were candy corns >_>"
Guys can be empathetic, just not the way most folks would think.  Here was a little blurb from Tuesday.

Zarli: i did have a nightmare the other night....
          that i could not find my car....

Vraxx: i've had those
            i also had a weird one where tony stark stole my car...

Zarli: the nightmare part... i owned a Prius .(

Vraxx: cause his R8 had a flat
           Oh dude are you ok?!
24th-Sep-2008 08:31 pm - iPhone + Sukebe = BAD

There's just certain things that should never be developed.  I for one found this just a tad creepy... See that Tenchi avatar.. that was the look on my face when I saw this come across my RSS feed.  Just a little too weird.

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